About GeoReport

GeoReport is a specialist blog for owners of geo domains.

The site is written by Mark Hoult, who is up to his elbows continuing the development of his UK geo domains.

One of the aims of the site is to bring together private owners of geodomains in the UK so that they can help each other with the successful promotion and development of their geo sites.

Mark also wants to build GeoReport into a useful resource about the UK geo domain industry covering:

  • geo domain development
  • geo domain competitive analysis
  • monetisation of geo websites; and
  • news and opinion about the geo domain industry in the UK.

The Hall of Fame

The GeoReport Hall of Fame contains UK geo websites which have something special about them. They have all achieved some degree of success.

As such, collectively they are a useful way of studying what it takes to build a successful geo website.

If you’d like to propose a website (inlcuding your own) for the Hall of Fame, then don’t be shy – although it needs to be pretty good even to get an honourable mention.

Site case studies

If you’d like to tell the world (or at least GeoReport) about your own experiences of developing geodomains, get in touch with us.

If you have tips to pass on, questions to ask, points to prove and axes to grind well….we’re all ears.

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