Fulham.org.uk sells for not very much at all really

The geo-domain name Fulham.org.uk was sold on Domain Lore last week.

The price – a tiny £50, with just one bid.

I was a little surprised. But the main difficulty in getting London geodomains to rank, even with quite good websites, is that there is just so much competition.

Think of all the websites which compete on the keyword Fulham and you’ll see what I mean. It’s an (almost) impossible battle to take on.

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UK geodomain winter roundup

Just time for a quick roundup of a few UK geodomain sales which have taken place over the winter and which I haven’t reported here on GeoReport.

First up, LakeDistrict.org.uk which was bought for £3,600 – a very nice geodomain and one that I’m looking forward to seeing when it’s developed.

Other sales include Salford.com, sold for $3,760.

Slightly strange is the sale of Newcastle.de – an odd combination of UK city plus German extension, which was bought for $1,344.

And lastly, and possibly spuriously, Edmonton.org was bought for $3,500. I’m sure the buyer had the large Canadian city in mind when he or she bought the domain, but it could be applied to Edmonton in London, so I’ve included it in this roundup.

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Western Isles.co.uk sold

Another very nice geodomain sale conducted via the ever reliable Domain Lore finished today.

The domain was WesternIsles.co.uk, a fine domain for a lovely part of the United Kingdom.

The domain attracted 19 bids and when the bagpipes music stopped the price it fetched was £573.

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Hove actually

There was a nice geodomain sale at DomainLore today – Hove.co.uk – just up the road from me along the Sussex coast.

If you don’t know Hove, it’s a pretty cool place, but doomed forever to live in the shadow of its noisy neighbour Brighton.

Although Hove has lots of interesting things to do in its own right, most (not all) of the entertainment on offer is based in Brighton.

Whether Hove.co.uk can establish a strong identity remains to be seen. But congrats to the buyer and seller.

The price was £930 and 35 bids were attracted before the Domain Lore hammer came slamming down.

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Truro.com an absolute bargain

This week the geodomain Truro.com changed hands at Sedo.

And the price was an absolute steal – just $2,250.

Truro is a beautiful place in Cornwall with a really thriving tourist industry. This should make a great domain for a tourism-related website.

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Maidstone.com sells for $12,000

DN Journal is reporting that the geodomain name Maidstone.com has been sold for USD 12,000. The sale was made at Afternic DLS and it looks, from the whois recordn that this is another domain snapped up by Ian Andrew of DotCom Agency

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Broadstairs.net changes hands

They say that beachfront property is among the most valuable.

But what about Broadstairs – the epitome of the Kent seaside holiday?

Sedo handled the sale of Broadstairs.net last week for USD 1,300. The resort has a population of 24,000 but this is swelled by day-trippers and holidaymakers in the summer, eager to enjoy the seaside air.

I’d say the price is about right.

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Grimsby more popular than Motherwell

Grimsby – the home of the fish finger – is more popular than Motherwell….at least when it comes to domain name auctions.

Grimsby.org.uk was one of a pair of UK geodomains auctioned yesterday at DomainLore. It fetched £70 – not enough to push the boat out and a bargain for the purchaser, despite Grimsby not being a particularly glamourous holiday destination.

Motherwell.org.uk didn’t attract any bids and so was left unsold, despite a reserve of just £50.

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Some FTR available county geo domains

I’ve just been doing a sweep up to see if any UK county geo domains have become available and am glad to say I picked up a few that will be suitable for development into directories or tourist information sites in due course.

Luckily there were a few that I was able to hand register, but there were quite a few others still available FTR or which have become available, so I thought I’d share this list.


There are some more .biz and .infos based on the above too.

These geodomains were all available at 12.00 on Wednesday 11th April.

Just for the record, the geo domains I registered were:


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Easter Geodomain Update

Not much to report over Easter in the UK Geodomain world other than a couple of village sales recorded by Sedo.

Liphook.com sold for £100 and Frimley.com (just up the road from Liphook) sold for £210.

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