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Some FTR available county geo domains

I’ve just been doing a sweep up to see if any UK county geo domains have become available and am glad to say I picked up a few that will be suitable for development into directories or tourist information sites in due course. Luckily there were a few that I was able to hand register, […]

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About the auction of the domain name

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Sedo auctions 2 London borough geodomains

Sedo is currently running auctions on 2 London geodomains. and are both up for grabs with only one bidder apiece at the time of writing. UPDATE sold for £1,505, with 2 bidders trying to secure the domain. attracted one bid of £250.

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A case study from across the pond

Read about a case study about how to make money with a city domain domain name and website.

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Isle of Wight for sale?

The geo domain name is being auctioned at Domain Lore  – the auction ends on 25th November.

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Are the coalition cuts an opportunity for geo domain owners?

One of our pet gripes here at GeoReport is the proliferation of state-sponsored websites. Every time a council, quango or other state body has a new idea, up pops a new website, generally with an expensive taxpayer-funded design. Even more annoyingly, many of these sites get instant high quality links from their other chums in […]

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