Scilly Isles sold for a pittance

The lovely Scilly Isles came up for sale at Domain Lore this week – or to be more precise, the geodomain name

There was only one bid and the domain fetched a measly £50 – well below par.

A google search on the term “Scilly isles” reveals part of the reason why I think.

There are just lots of attractive, mature, well-designed sites with keyword rich geodomains about the Scilly Isles. Even the council struggles to get a prominent position in the search results – which is highly unusual, to say the least.

I have a similar dilemma with my domain Devon Net. I picked it up as an expired domain with good PR and links, but the Devon and Cornwall tourist information market is heavily saturated.

I’m not totally convinced that it’s worth going to the trouble of developing fully in such a crowded marketplace with good, informative websites.

By Mark Hoult

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