Geodomain sales update

Just a couple of geodomain sales to record this week. has sold for USD 4,900. The sale took place at Afternic.

And was sold at Sedo for USD 2,434.

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Geodomain sold

DNJournal is reporting that the geodomain sold this week for USD 1,125.

I don’t have much further information on this, but the domain would clearly make a great Glasgow business directory, with plenty of scope for getting search traffic from long term phrases.

And although most domain investors sneer at .biz domains, it will only be a few years before the number of developed .biz sites raises the consciousness of the extension among advertisers.

When that happens, will become a very attractive brand.

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One geodomain recently offered for sale at Sedo which I missed was I would have fancied a bid at that if I had noticed that it was for sale.

Anyway, the domain sold for £350 with one bidder, which seems pretty good value.

As always however, building out county geo-websites takes a huge amount of work and there is a ton of competition out there.

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The London geodomain name just sold in an auction on DomainLore for £50 – the lowest bid permissible under the auction rules.

There was just one bidder for the domain.

Hoxton may not be the most salubrious part of London, but it’s famous for the chilling black and white film The Hoxton Creeper and more recently as one of the trendier up-and-coming parts of the capital.

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Scilly Isles sold for a pittance

The lovely Scilly Isles came up for sale at Domain Lore this week – or to be more precise, the geodomain name

There was only one bid and the domain fetched a measly £50 – well below par.

A google search on the term “Scilly isles” reveals part of the reason why I think.

There are just lots of attractive, mature, well-designed sites with keyword rich geodomains about the Scilly Isles. Even the council struggles to get a prominent position in the search results – which is highly unusual, to say the least.

I have a similar dilemma with my domain Devon Net. I picked it up as an expired domain with good PR and links, but the Devon and Cornwall tourist information market is heavily saturated.

I’m not totally convinced that it’s worth going to the trouble of developing fully in such a crowded marketplace with good, informative websites.

By Mark Hoult

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Several cities change hands

Another big shift in the UK geodomain landscape took place this week as,, and all changed hands.

Ian Andrew of DotCom Agency is again the buyer. Clearly he’s planning something big in the geo-space to add to his outstanding collction of generic domain names.

The price of each sale is reported as $25,000 each.

Not content with that, Ian also picked up,,,,,, and for sums between six and seven thousand dollars.

At the moment the domains are all parked.

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Starting today, the domain name is in a live no reserve auction at Domain Lore.

I have no idea how much the domain will fetch. Although it is short and sweet, building a site on it which can compete with all the other Wales sites (especially government owned ones) will be a major and expensive undertaking. sold for £30,000 a while back. I doubt if will get close to that, but it’s still a very handy geodomain.

Good luck to everyone involved, buyers and seller alike.

UPDATE The domain sold for £1,760.

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Another day, another Domain Lore geodomain sale.

This time it’s – where? I hear you ask.

Carforth is a small town of around 5,000 souls at the very northern tip of Lancashire, close to Morecambe Bay.

The domain fetched £311 and attracted 8 bids.

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There was a flurry of late bidding over at Domain Lore where eventually attracted a sale price of £6,402 – well below the BIN of £28k.

The domain previously hosted a website with many thousands of pages cached in the Google index.

Many of the site’s incoming links come from local Oxfordshire websites
so it will be interesting to see how quickly the new owner can set up a replacement site that will preserve the link equity and good PR enjoyed by the domain.

Disclosure – I considered bidding for this domain but didn’t do so in the end, primarily because of the risk involved in losing PR and goodwill while building out a large replacement site.

But for a motivated buyer, able to act quickly, this looks a pretty good price to me.

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Another UK geodomain has sold at DomainLore – this time it’s which fetched £261 – a nice domain to develop and a very affordable price too.

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